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Why Cycle ?
Cycling is good for you, good for the environment, it's fast, it's convenient, it gives you freedom and independence, takes you from door to door, allows you to easypark, is reliable, and even allows you to meet others!

Why use an exercise bike ?

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to keep fit and is a lot cheaper than a gym membership. It can also be a lot handier. And, because the bike takes the strain, cycling is particularly good if you're returning to, or starting to exercise, and is gentler on the knees and ankles than jogging.

So why not use your bike and burn some calories? Cycling is a great form of aerobics but, unlike the aerobics class, it can actually get you from a to b and do so much more:

  • 20 minutes of gentle cycling burns up to 100 calories
  • Regular cycling makes you fitter - as fit as an average person 10 years younger
  • Cycling raises your metabolic rate, helping you to keep the weight off
  • Cycling firms the thighs and bottom, while working lower abdominals, taking you that bit closer to the toned tummy

Arrive on time or early
Cycling beats queues, and is the fastest way to get around town. In cities cycling is often twice as quick as driving, and the time you take doesn't vary with traffic, so you will always arrive on time, or even early. And parking, often right outside the door, is encouraged with the added bonus of no traffic wardens giving you a ticket.

  • 22 minutes of cycling can take you 4 miles, compared to a journey of 40 minutes by car in a city like London
  • Free parking - it costs you nothing, as long as you don't park where you're not meant to

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