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Bikes Guide : Introduction

Modern bicycles are available in many different types withvarious levels of hi-tech sophistication and accessories.
Most bikes fall into one of following four main categories: Mountain - Hybrid - Road - Play

Mountain Bikes : Also known as; Off road, All Terrain (ATB), Cross-Country(XC), Dual, Downhill, Enduro.
A huge group covering sub £100 low quality "mountain style" bikes at the budget end, up to very hi-tech specialist machines costing many thousands of pounds. As their name suggests these bikes are at their best on rough tracks or off-road with many models now having front or full suspension. Chunky tyres and low gearing make these bikes go anywhere machines.

Hybrid Bikes : (including Touring and Cruiser): Also known as; Sport Utility Bike(SUB), Trekking, Cross,
Adventure,Touring, Recreational, Track & Trail, Cruiser. Another large group of bikes with a wide price range
from £100 to £1000. Most obvious differences from mountain bikes are larger diameter wheels (although many now have opted for the tough MTB wheelsize), thinner tyres and higher gearing. Hybrids tend to have more
accessories as standard than mountain bikes e.g. mudguards, pannier rack, stand and comfy saddle!
These bikes ride well on smooth surfaces and are reasonable on forest roads and tracks. Some hybrids are now available with front and even full suspension.

Road Bikes : Also known as; Racers, Sports, Touring, Street
What most people think of as a traditional bike but the technology here is as advanced as it is in mountain biking. With exotic frame materials and lots of gears these bikes can be very lightweight, fast and expensive! The thin tyres and light build make these bikes only suitable for roads and the smoothest of paths.

Play Bikes : Also known as; BMX, Freestyle, Dirt jumpers, Stunt , Trials
A rapidly growing group of bikes with some very specialised features built in to increase the range of stunts possible and strength of the machine. "BMX style" bikes are available from under £100 but to get one capable of any kind of stunts you should be prepared to spend at least £250.


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