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A development that creates specialised cycles , by Mark Shimidzu, attracts a significant amount of attention to Wheels and the methods involved are said to be almost as revolutionary as modern cycling technology.

Specialized Custom made Cycle builds
"set a new standard for development, creating a new brand for the cycling industry"
Designing with a unique edge and perspective as Mark describes it !.

No matter your circumstances Wheels development can provide a custom made solution for your specific needs.
Whether it be for extreme competition or overcoming a physical restriction, the results created are the same
"Exquisite Solution Geared Engineering"
His latest project shown opposite demonstrates this technology and removes barriers never before thought possible.

Simply give Mark a call to discuss your specific needs.
01877 331100



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Wheels Cycling Centre, Invertrossachs Road, Callander, Perthshire FK17 8HW : Tel : 01877 331100 : E-mail John@wheelscyclingcentre.com